With this blog I would like to show you my inspiration of making rosaries with a double purpose: first to encourage you to pray  the rosary every day  and second to help with a good cause. I was introduced to Schoenstatt by my good friend Maria Sazonov in 2005. Since then, I have participated in a women’s group and more recently in a couple’s group to meet and learn about the movement through group discussions.  Our Schoenstatt groups in the DC area are working very hard to contribute to the construction of a shrine in DC. it will take time and effort, but little by little we will accomplish  our goal.

A few years ago, I learned how to make mission rosaries at my parish by a young woman who belongs to the Legion of Mary and works with kids.

I taught other friends and we got together to make rosaries as a group. Another friend made me a nice one with nice beads and now I make my own design, they are small, colorful and easy to carry in you purse or wallet.

It a special little present for a friend. They come in a fabric bag with a prayer card.


Thank you  to my daughter, Claudia who created this website for me. 

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